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Summer Camp Themes


There are a great number of topics covered in our week-long camps.

Please note: not all topics at all locations. Please click here to see our 2017 Summer Schedule.

Themes include:

Brixology Engineering with LEGOs®

Brixology Camp sets the foundation for our next generation of makers! Kids learn about different types of engineering and then team up to construct different engineering-themed projects using LEGO® bricks. They learn about aerospace engineering while assembling a space station. They explore mechanical engineering as they build boats and vehicles. That's not all: from carnival rides to drawing machines, mechanical animals to truss bridges, your future engineer will build upon their creativity to solve real-world design challenges, while developing their problem-solving and team-building skills. Let the tinkering begin!


Crazy Chemworks

Shake up a flask of fun in the lab and become a junior chemist! Learn to recognize chemical reactions and mix up a few reactive ingredients for some sensational results. Check out the colors of chemistry with the power of pH paper and create a stopper- popping reaction. Probe the properties of light and discover some unusual applications of glow-in-the-dark technology. Campers have a blast as they make some crazy concoctions. Take home projects include a reaction tube kit, atomic coins, slippery slime, Professor Beakerdude and more!

Destination: EARTH

Children will have fun with hands-on experiments that will increase their understanding of our good shop Earth. Where do owls live and what do they eat? How do some bugs walk on water? How do ants collect their food? These questions and more will be answered with a walk on the wild side of things to explore owls, birds, and all kinds of bugs. They will understand the basics of water pollution, acid rain, and the benefits of solar energy. By actively recycling their own garbage, they will make their very own paper to take home and actually use!

Eureka: The Inventors’ Camp

Inspire the inventor and scientist in you during our Eureka camp! Children will overcome a series of challenges using basic materials, simple machines, tips from famous inventors and the most important of all – their mind. With a little bit of ingenuity children will create catapults and forts, construct working light sticks to take home, and assemble a set of circuits with batteries and light bulbs. While Thomas Edison said "invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration", this camp is 100% FUN!

Loco-Motion: Wheels, Wings, and the "Wright" Stuff

It's all about movin' -- wheels, wings, and the "Wright" stuff! We'll spend the week looking at how things move and the forces behind them. Race mini-hovercrafts and learn about friction, keep racing with rubberband-powered cars and helo-flyers. What's inertia? You'll know after this camp, and you'll be able to do the magician's tablecloth pull because of it. Use an ancient flying machine as your guide to build a cool kite. There are so many ways to move. It's movin' and groovin'. Fasten your seatbelts for motion, motion, and more motion!

NASA® Space Academy

Mad Science and NASA® have teamed up to bring you the excitement and wonder of space in the NASA® Space Academy camp. This is your chance to be a rocket scientist! Explore the science involved in rocket construction as you build your own rocket. Use teamwork to complete an important space mission and build a model space station. Explore the farthest reaches of our solar system and create a lunar eclipse in our Mad Science planetary tour. This stellar camp is your ticket to the stars as you journey through the galaxy.

Red Hot Robots / Radical Robots

Join Mad Science and our radical robots for a scientific journey through circuitry and sensors. Explore several different types of robots...robots that follow lines and sounds, robotic arms like the ones you see in the big factories on TV (well, smaller than that, but you get the picture). You will even play tag with robots you control! Complete the camp by building your own robot to take home!
NOTE: Red Hot Robots has an equipment fee of $30 to cover robot kit for each individual camper. Limited to children entering 3rd grade or older.


Schoolhouse Chess

Our Schoolhouse Chess program makes chess fun! We bring pieces to life using creative personalities. Our imaginative characters accelerate the learning process and fascinate children. Play with our giant chess set — the biggest you've ever seen! This camp is appropriate for beginners through intermediate players. It covers all rules, strategies, and tactics. Find out why chess is the most popular game in the world!

Secret Agent Lab & Funky Forensics

The following camp description is TOP SECRET: Suspects, schematics, and sleuths! Connect the dots using science to help solve a crime in this hands-on investigation of the science of sleuthing. Uncover the science involved in evidence gathering and analysis and fingerprint detection. Enhance your recall and observation skills and learn how to use spy equipment. This camp will help you sharpen your special operative skills as you learn about the secret world of espionage.


S.T.E.A.M. Rollers

STEM meets Art in our exciting camp. Do you love to build, design, and fix things? Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math are all explored in this camp. Put on your engineer's hat for this exciting week where we will assemble and work with simple machines, structures, and more. Become a true Mad Scientist as you learn about chemical reactions. Use a camera obscura and build a cool kaleidoscope!   


3...2...1...Blast Off!

This action packed week will focus solely on rockets and the physics of rocket flight. After learning the model rocket safety code, campers will build a number of different rockets and participate in the launching, mission control, propulsion, and finally recovery of the rockets they build.
NOTE: has an
equipment fee of $30 to cover rockets and launch kit for each individual camper. 


Let's Get Growing (Junior Camper series for ages 5-7)

Children will discover how, why, and where things grow, how weather affects our gardens, and the basic science of seeds. They will also get acquainted with the many "creepy crawly" inhabitants of the garden and how those insects help make gardens so beautiful! 


Junior Robotics (Junior Camper series for ages 5-7)

Enter the world of elementary robotics! Campers get a chance to design their own robots, learn about the parts inside a robot, and experiment with real robots! Each camper will work daily on a robot and take it home at the end of the week.
NOTE: has an equipment fee of $20 to cover robot kit for each individual camper. 

My First Chemistry Lab (Junior Camper series for ages 5-7)

Shake up a flask of fun in the lab and become a junior chemist! Learn to recognize chemical reactions and mix up a reactive ingredients for some sensational results.

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